Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ugh....not good...

I haven't blogged here in a few weeks. For those of you that follow my other blog (I think you all do?) you know I had 2 deaths in the family last month. One, my Tutu, but also my father-in-law. My husband, being an only child, and his mother, really needed me to help with everything. I spent the night at the hospital with my mother-in-law, cleaned her house, directed her to make the funeral arrangements, wrote and delivered the Eulogy, and arranged for the food for the wake. In addition to not counting points, I was eating convenient food from the fast food places around the hospital and not cooking. I also wasn't home a lot.

My Weight Watcher's meetings are on Mondays. My father-in-law passed away early Monday Morning (Sept 20), his funeral was Monday (Sept 27), and since I was eating whatever anyway, I skipped my WW meetings those weeks.

I have dreaded going last night, but I did. I have to stop the damage before it gets out of control. I was up 6 pounds! That averages to 2 pounds a week. That's how fast I can put it on. I could probably put it on faster, but this wasn't a contest.

This means I won't be at my birthday or Rhythm Rocker goal of 175, because there is no way I can lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks. But I am optimistic I will get it off again, and pretty quickly if I stick with my tracking and eating right. So Far today I've used 9 points and I have 15 left for after work.

Now, I need to out myself on something else. With all this stress, I started smoking again. I know Rachelle will be so disappointed in me. So are a lot of people. I just have no other stress reliever in my life, except maybe shopping, but I don't want to bankrupt my family and I have no more room in my closet. I plan on quitting again after the Rhythm Rocker weekender. No use setting myself up for failure and quitting before then.

Now, I'll go back to point counting, weighing food, and not eating out, life. Soon the not smoking life, too.


Straight Talking Mama! said...

oh hon, life sucks sometimes and I feel your pain. You can't beat yourself up for eating convenience food through such a stressful time, well I don't think so anyway, it doesn't achieve anything and it's not exactly a 'normal' situation. I can't say anything about smoking, I've never smoked so I have no idea about it, but I know when I'm stressed I drink to often so again can't judge :o)

Hope you managed to get back on track soon.

Rachelle said...

WTF!!! Smoking again??? Ugh...

Kim Bombshell said...

I know, I'm ashamed