Thursday, October 28, 2010

Now is the time for FAIL

Yesterday I had not one, but two Pumpkin Pie milkshakes from Jack in the Box. I better jive a lot tomorrow night at the Zombie Ball or I'm gonna be up on Monday, I know it!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jeez...I almost forgot about this blog!

I thought I was going to have to title this blog "FAIL" but when I got to my meeting last night, I was surprised to see I was down 2 pounds! I didn't quite lose the 6 pounds put on during the "month of death," but almost!

So, I'm only down 5 pounds since I went back to Weight Watchers in August, but this is what dealing with a plateau is all about. Patience. I missed the meeting last week, which was good since I'd spent 4 days with Raul eating Breakfast Burritos, Roscoe's and midnight runs to Del Taco (actually 4 AM runs). With Weight Watchers, you just have to keep going, even when you don't have a major success. I found out the hard way that if you stop going to the meetings, the old habits creep back and 2 years later, you will step on the scale and 40 of the 60 pounds you lost will be back on you.

My current weight is 187, my goal is to get to my goal weight SOMEDAY, and to not gain massive amounts of weight ever again. My wardrobe is WAY to good to get fat again.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ugh....not good...

I haven't blogged here in a few weeks. For those of you that follow my other blog (I think you all do?) you know I had 2 deaths in the family last month. One, my Tutu, but also my father-in-law. My husband, being an only child, and his mother, really needed me to help with everything. I spent the night at the hospital with my mother-in-law, cleaned her house, directed her to make the funeral arrangements, wrote and delivered the Eulogy, and arranged for the food for the wake. In addition to not counting points, I was eating convenient food from the fast food places around the hospital and not cooking. I also wasn't home a lot.

My Weight Watcher's meetings are on Mondays. My father-in-law passed away early Monday Morning (Sept 20), his funeral was Monday (Sept 27), and since I was eating whatever anyway, I skipped my WW meetings those weeks.

I have dreaded going last night, but I did. I have to stop the damage before it gets out of control. I was up 6 pounds! That averages to 2 pounds a week. That's how fast I can put it on. I could probably put it on faster, but this wasn't a contest.

This means I won't be at my birthday or Rhythm Rocker goal of 175, because there is no way I can lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks. But I am optimistic I will get it off again, and pretty quickly if I stick with my tracking and eating right. So Far today I've used 9 points and I have 15 left for after work.

Now, I need to out myself on something else. With all this stress, I started smoking again. I know Rachelle will be so disappointed in me. So are a lot of people. I just have no other stress reliever in my life, except maybe shopping, but I don't want to bankrupt my family and I have no more room in my closet. I plan on quitting again after the Rhythm Rocker weekender. No use setting myself up for failure and quitting before then.

Now, I'll go back to point counting, weighing food, and not eating out, life. Soon the not smoking life, too.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I know, I know...this post is late

I should have posted this earlier this week, and I should have made a post last week, but I have been slammed with social activities, in addition to my full time job. I'll be blogging in the Kim Show about all my business as soon as I get some of the pictures from people.

Labor day, there was no Weight Watcher's meeting, so I didn't weigh in that week. I was a bit relieved because I went "HOG WILD" over Labor Day. We had 2 parties, both with great cake, BBQ, chips, all of it and I didn't hold back. Two pieces of cake at both parties and I pretty much ate what I wanted. I had already used my grandmother's death as an excuse to eat 2 eclairs that same week. For obvious reasons I was glad there was no weight in.

I improved my food intake and choices over the following week, but wasn't tracking. When I went to weight watchers I was down 6 tenths of a pound, making my total weight loss 66.4 pounds, I think. I was quite surprised I wasn't up, but our leader talked about what happens when we get significant weight loss off. We have little "binges" but know how to get right back on track to keep our weight in the range we want it to be. Her talk about gaining 5 pounds in a weekend and getting it off by Friday once, and then it taking her 6 weeks to get the 5 pounds off another time, made me feel not guilty about my little Labor Day binge.

I am back to tracking, but kind of slacking off in the evening...maybe indulging in an extra low cal ice cream bar, etc.

Last night I was dancing my ass off and I just found out that there will be a regular Friday Night record hop again...YAY! Jiving really is the best thing to help me lose weight and get in shape.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Progress...yes, progress...

I went to my meeting yesterday and at my initial weigh in I was 185 exactly, giving me a loss of 1.2 pounds. After the meeting, I had to pee, and since I had a 20 oz coffee prior to the meeting, I wasn't surprised. What did surprise me was the -.6 pounds! That makes a total loss of 1.8 pounds!  

Is that cheating? I don't know....Do I care and does it make me feel better? Yes, so I will consider it a 1.8 pound loss last week. 

Let's look at the totals so far...
August 1 I weighed 191
August 30, I weighed 184.4. 

Total weight lost the month of August: 6.6 Pounds. 

Last year, when I rejoined WW and was making mad progress I started jiving at a record hop every Friday night. I think that jiving contributed at least half pound a week to my weight loss. Not only was the jiving fun, helped me loose weight faster, but it trimmed my waist down! My waist was more than 2 inches smaller at 190 than it was the last time I was 190 in 2007. 

Here is something that has helped me stay in my points and track this week:

Frank BBQ'd tri-tip steak on Sunday night. I was a little worried about having it, even with 14 points left for dinner. When he was done cooking it, I programed strip steak into the scale, threw on some meat and saw that it was 9 points. With the potato at 1, the light butter on the potato at 1 and vegis that were grilled on the BBQ at 0, Dinner was 11 points! 3 were left over for my weight watcher's ice cream snack

With the help of the scale to be accurate, it helps me not over eat. I already know, not guess, how many points I'm eating which then stops me from telling myself "maybe I over calculated? I can have another slice!" That rationalization has cost me at the scale many times! 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yesterday's weigh in and adventures in shopping

Yesterday's meeting was good and bad. 

I will start with the bad. I was up 8 tenths of a pound, but I will blame my dress. I wasn't wearing my usual light weigh in dress. I will also blame the tub of buttered movie popcorn I ate on Sunday with peanut M&Ms. I think my biggest mistake and what I can blame the most, is that I ate when I wasn't hungry on Friday. I ate when I felt full, even. Why I did that? I'm not sure, but it is a mistake I paid for by not losing anything last week. I won't beat myself up too much, though. Often times after a big loss like I had last week, I will not lose and sometimes gain the following week. It usually isn't a significant gain, like yesterdays, so I'm not sweating it.

Now...time for the good. Yesterday our leader told us that if we are repeat WW members, who have a different original start weigh in total than what is currently on our cards, we can reset our start weights. Well, after resetting my start weight to what it was when I joined in 2005, I was thrilled to realize I have lost 65 pounds!

Now for another big thrill I got. I went shopping Friday at Kohls for some work clothes. That was not the thrill, trust me, I don't like to shop for square clothes. Since almost everything I have purchased in the last few years has been vintage or custom made, I couldn't believe it when I tried on a skirt in a size 12 and it fit!  I know sizes may have changed in the last 20 years, but I honestly haven't put on anything in a size 12 since 1986. 

Now for a little treaty tip:

2 point bagel and cream cheese...perfect breakfast or morning snack!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tracking makes the difference! Plus an easy breakfast solution.

Yesterday's meeting was a huge success. I lost 4 pounds last week, and I know it is due to my diligent tracking. I have just 5.4 pounds left to get to my low point, post Viva, 10 pounds to get to my birthday goal October 9, 20 to go to get to my weight watchers goal and 25 to get to my goal of 160.

Thursday was my husband and my anniversary. We had plans to eat out and I saved all my bonus points for that dinner out. I ate light during the day, with yogurt, fresh strawberries (2 servings) and a a couple of hummus sandwiches. I went to dinner with 14 points, plus my 35 bonus.
I ate:
bread with olive oil and wine vinegar
salad with Gorgonzola and light dressing
Soft Polenta with fire roasted vegitables
Tirimisu for dessert.

I may not have used all my bonus points, but I counted that I used all but maybe 5, to keep me in check over the weekend.

Friday night Frank BBQ'd Filet Mignon, which was 7 points, and I balanced it out with fire roasted veggies from the BBQ. Saturday I was with the girls and we went out for Mexican. I had used 3 points for the day, so I ordered chicken fajitas which are 4 points per fajita. I added a couple points for the guac and the few chips I ate. Later we went to Cold Stone Creamery and I had watermelon sorbet.

With all that eating...I still lost 4 pounds! The calculator tracker really works! 

Here is a tip for a filling breakfast on the weekends if you want to avoid eating out during the day, which I did on Sunday, when I went to a car show:
1 and 1/3 cup potatoes O'Brien (frozen)
additional chopped up red bell pepper and onion
1 egg
1/4 avocado sliced

Spray pan with non stick cooking spray. Saute the pepper and onion then add the potatoes O'Brien. When browned, add the egg, beaten. Cook until eggs not runny. Top with salsa and avacado.

Total points: 5

For an extra point, you can throw a broken up piece of bacon into the potatoes. To lose a point, remove the Avocado.