Thursday, September 16, 2010

I know, I know...this post is late

I should have posted this earlier this week, and I should have made a post last week, but I have been slammed with social activities, in addition to my full time job. I'll be blogging in the Kim Show about all my business as soon as I get some of the pictures from people.

Labor day, there was no Weight Watcher's meeting, so I didn't weigh in that week. I was a bit relieved because I went "HOG WILD" over Labor Day. We had 2 parties, both with great cake, BBQ, chips, all of it and I didn't hold back. Two pieces of cake at both parties and I pretty much ate what I wanted. I had already used my grandmother's death as an excuse to eat 2 eclairs that same week. For obvious reasons I was glad there was no weight in.

I improved my food intake and choices over the following week, but wasn't tracking. When I went to weight watchers I was down 6 tenths of a pound, making my total weight loss 66.4 pounds, I think. I was quite surprised I wasn't up, but our leader talked about what happens when we get significant weight loss off. We have little "binges" but know how to get right back on track to keep our weight in the range we want it to be. Her talk about gaining 5 pounds in a weekend and getting it off by Friday once, and then it taking her 6 weeks to get the 5 pounds off another time, made me feel not guilty about my little Labor Day binge.

I am back to tracking, but kind of slacking off in the evening...maybe indulging in an extra low cal ice cream bar, etc.

Last night I was dancing my ass off and I just found out that there will be a regular Friday Night record hop again...YAY! Jiving really is the best thing to help me lose weight and get in shape.