Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Progress...yes, progress...

I went to my meeting yesterday and at my initial weigh in I was 185 exactly, giving me a loss of 1.2 pounds. After the meeting, I had to pee, and since I had a 20 oz coffee prior to the meeting, I wasn't surprised. What did surprise me was the -.6 pounds! That makes a total loss of 1.8 pounds!  

Is that cheating? I don't know....Do I care and does it make me feel better? Yes, so I will consider it a 1.8 pound loss last week. 

Let's look at the totals so far...
August 1 I weighed 191
August 30, I weighed 184.4. 

Total weight lost the month of August: 6.6 Pounds. 

Last year, when I rejoined WW and was making mad progress I started jiving at a record hop every Friday night. I think that jiving contributed at least half pound a week to my weight loss. Not only was the jiving fun, helped me loose weight faster, but it trimmed my waist down! My waist was more than 2 inches smaller at 190 than it was the last time I was 190 in 2007. 

Here is something that has helped me stay in my points and track this week:

Frank BBQ'd tri-tip steak on Sunday night. I was a little worried about having it, even with 14 points left for dinner. When he was done cooking it, I programed strip steak into the scale, threw on some meat and saw that it was 9 points. With the potato at 1, the light butter on the potato at 1 and vegis that were grilled on the BBQ at 0, Dinner was 11 points! 3 were left over for my weight watcher's ice cream snack

With the help of the scale to be accurate, it helps me not over eat. I already know, not guess, how many points I'm eating which then stops me from telling myself "maybe I over calculated? I can have another slice!" That rationalization has cost me at the scale many times! 


Straight Talking Mama! said...

wow well done lady!!

I agree jiving does the trick I had the teeniest waist when I dance all the time, now it is far from teeny, but I've been bigger and had a smaller waist, all dance related!!

Rachelle said...

Congrats Kim, that's awesome!