Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Week 1

Week one of being back on weight watchers...

I did pretty well until Friday...well, Thursday night. I still lost 2.6 pounds, but I could have done a lot better on week one, as I usually loose a minimum of 4 pounds the first week I go back.

I'll share with you why I know I did not do as well as I could have and what I'm going to do to remedy it.

1. I did not track beyond day 2!!! I am pretty good at math, but no matter how good someone is at math it won't make them able to track points in their head! That was biggest downfall for week one.
Solution: I bought a points calculator that is so much easier to use and not conspicuous to track the points. Weight Watchers has this cute calculator that will calculate points on items for you (no need for a slider point calculator!) and it will track the points you use, counting down, as you use them.

It is small and looks like a cell phone, and is so simple to use. I didn't even have to read the directions.

2. Starbucks and their pesky cold drink for $2 after 2 P.M. promotion they are doing. If you buy a drink in the morning, they will stamp your receipt and you can get a cold drink for $2 bucks after 2. I took advantage and even though I ordered Caramel Light Frappicinos, it is still 3 points! So with those added points every day, it is no wonder I didn't do as well.
Solution: I am throwing away the receipt in the morning! I know I will eventually have to either switch to coffee or cut out Starbucks completely. I think I will wait until I go down one more point level. It might motivate me to join the gym and be able to add activity points onto my daily points.

3. Going into Bonus points on Thursday and not tracking the bonus points either!
Solution: Save bonus points for Friday or later! I will have to make an exception this week because it is our anniversary on Thursday and we'll go out to eat.

4. Knowing I was going over my points and doing it anyway. It's one thing to to over the points when you aren't quite aware, but I KNEW I was over and still ordered a Crispy Chicken Ranch Sandwich instead of a salad at Chilis.
SOLUTION: With my trusty points finder, I will be more aware with the number in my face before reaching for that more fattening choice. 

I hope that writing this down and telling on myself will help me to do better next week. I don't want this to be a blog of failure, but more a blog to encourage people. Besides, even with my screw ups I still lost 2.6 pounds!


Miss Dollie DeVille said...

I am off the band wagon at the moment after hitting goal. I moved and got a series of colds, so I have not gone back to the gym in weeks, and I have not tracked. I think you are motivating me to go back to my WW roots though! I want to lose 10 lbs by Rhythm Rocker! ha ha

Keep up the good blogging!


Straight Talking Mama! said...

Ah yes tracking is key isn't it? When I do WW I do it online that way I keep a constant diary of what I do, I also plan ahead massively. I'm not back on it yet, doing loads of DIY at the moment for the next week & don't have time to plan meals, but soon very soon! Good luck!

Kim Bombshell said...

Dolly, mine is 15 before Rhythm Rocker! I'm down 2.6, so that is 13.4 by then. I'm hoping I can make it.

STM: Planning meals is very important. Half the time I'm not eating what the rest of the family is eating for dinner, the other half I'm substituting turkey for ground beef, whole wheat for regular pasta, or eating chicken. When you are ready you will do it. That's what happens to me. I have never hit goal in all the times I've done weight watchers, and I really hate failing something! I am going to do it this time.