Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Quick one...what I need

I was reading the Blog   of Ms. Bitchcakes, and she talks about snacks, in particular the artificial sugary 100 calorie snack packs and how they distorted her taste buds.  She now eats almonds and fruit as snacks. She had the problem of binging and over eating those 100 cal snacks. I can relate because I've been guilty of that, too. She's given up all the artificially sweet snacks and I think that's all well and good...more power to her. I know for myself I HAVE to have something sweet. Not naturally sweet, like fruit, but artificially sweet. I can't deny myself completely some of the things that I really love, like ice cream or candy. One reason I know I have binged on those 100 calorie snack cakes, etc., is because the portion is so small. It just isn't satisfying. I have attached 3 of my FAVORITE sweet snacks that I have yet to binge on since one seems to be enough.

I'm going to show you some of my favorite low points treats that I can't live without:

Jello Sugar Free Mousse 1 point! ( I think it would be ok to have 2...but I haven't felt the need to have more than one at a time yet!)

Bryers Ice Cream bars 3 points

Weight Watchers Ice Cream Candy Bars 3 points

I also have other snacks I can't live without. For 2 points, I will snack on a 2 point sandwich made with Sandwich thins and 2 Tablespoons of Garlic Hummus...mmmmmmm

Sandwich Thins 1 point

Two Tablespoons of Tribe Garlic Hummus 1 point

As I discover other snacks and treats that are Weight Watcher friendly, I will post them here.

Day 3 of strict adherence to my points and feeling stronger and stronger. I will be back to my post viva weight and then on to my goal!


Straight Talking Mama! said...

Well done on sticking with it. One thing I don't have a problem with is sweet stuff, in fact I struggle to up my fruit intake as I'm a pure savoury girl, my problem is lack of moving about & portion size!

It's interesting to see the US options for low points foods, also I think our points systems are slightly different!

Jennifer @ The Pin Curl Diaries said...

I completely understand having to have some sweet stuff! I recently discovered Skinny Cow ice cream cups, and they are delicious! I'm no longer tempted my Ben & Jerry's at the grocery store! I'm not that familiar with Weight Watchers, but the package says they are 2 points. Dulce de Leche is my favourite. :)

Atomic Mama said...

I can totally relate! After two babies in 2 years I have put on more weight than Im comfortable with. Ive thought about doing WW but I hate the idea of paying someone else to lose weight. Im super interested in seeing someone go through this before I decide to take the plunge!