Monday, August 2, 2010

A new start...

I am going to try to write in this blog at least one a week from now on. I didn't get a chance to go to WW the night I wrote my last blog, but I did go the next day and was 186, which is up 6 pounds from my low of 180.

I went on Vacation last week, as evidenced in my other blog and as I stated, it was an orgy of food. It was, as my weight watchers leader described it "A Last Supper" vacation. Any of you who has made a commitment to lose weight, knows what she was talking about. We have one last binge before we head to that meeting and step on the scale. Well, my last supper cost me 5 POUNDS! The fried twinkie, Claim Jumpers and buffets took their toll.

I returned to Weight Watchers tonight. I started a new job today, so it seemed to make sense to me to restart Weight Watchers. I returned to the meeting I attended in 2005-2006 and to my old leader who I totally relate to.

Today's meeting was encouraging. I am confident that if I follow the program, I will successfully lose and get to my goal weight. I have stuck to my points today and am really committed. I'm relieved that there are not people selling fried twinkies anywhere close, because those things were tasty!

weight: 191
goal: 160

31 Pounds to go!


Straight Talking Mama! said...

Good luck hon, I'm just about to embark on the very same journey though I suspect I will have FAR more than 31 pounds to lose :o(